Facebook ended a one-week blackout of Australian news on its popular social media site on Friday and announced preliminary commercial agreements with three small local publishers. The moves reflected easing tensions between the US company and the Australian government, a day after the country’s parliament passed a law forcing it and Alphabet’s Google to pay local media
Internet freedom advocates on Friday warned new Indian social media regulations could pose a threat to freedom of expression, after New Delhi announced plans for tough new rules that could force platforms to remove content it deems objectionable. Under the new regulations — unveiled on Thursday and due to come into force in three months
One of the European Union’s most powerful data regulators has warned companies may yet face massive disruption to translatlantic data flows as a result of an EU court ruling last year, despite efforts by policymakers to avoid that outcome. Europe’s highest court last July ruled an EU-US data transfer agreement was invalid, citing concerns the
The government on Thursday announced new rules to curb misuse of social media platforms, as it mandated firms to appoint grievance officer, disclose the first originator of the mischievous information and remove, within 24 hours, content depicting nudity or morphed pictures of women. Concerns have been raised about rampant abuse of social media platforms and
Facebook’s oversight board has received a “user statement” for the case it is deciding about whether the social media company was right to indefinitely suspend former President Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, a board spokeswoman confirmed on Tuesday. Facebook handed the case to its independent board in January after it blocked Trump’s access to
Gab instead of Twitter, MeWe over Facebook, Telegram for messaging and Discord for insiders – banned from mainstream platforms, US conspiracy and supremacist movements, many of which support Donald Trump, have shifted to networks that are more confidential, and harder to regulate. “The most extreme Trump supporters were already on alternative platforms,” said Nick Backovic,
Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI), the country’s self-regulatory voluntary organisation for advertising, has issued a set of draft guidelines that directs that all social media influencers must prominently label content that promotes products and services on digital platforms. The guidelines come at a time when leading brands are gradually leaning more on influencers on