Maintain your employer brand in a pandemic Read the VentureBeat Jobs guide to employer branding Download eBook In the United States, there was nothing else this week except for the presidential election. More people voted in this election than in any other previous U.S. presidential election — a total of 143,518,226 votes and counting. As
Smartphones priced under Rs. 8,000 don’t usually have any particularly exciting features, but this is an important segment nonetheless. These smartphones are typically entry points into the world of Android for feature-phone users who finally want to make that transition, but are reluctant to spend a lot. While there hasn’t been a lot of change
Miles Morales was a tiny part of Marvel’s Spider-Man — the 2018 award-winning and best-selling PlayStation 4 exclusive — but he shot to global popularity later that year as the lead of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, with the animated film interrupting Disney and Pixar’s dominance to win an Oscar. Those two aspects combine to deliver
Apple on Thursday released multiple security updates to patch three zero-day vulnerabilities that were revealed as being actively exploited in the wild. Rolled out as part of its iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and watchOS updates, the flaws reside in the FontParser component and the kernel, allowing adversaries to remotely execute arbitrary code and run malicious programs
Apple has released software updates for its iPhones and iPads, smartwatch, HomePod, tvOS, and laptops. iPhones get iOS 14.2 and older models have received iOS 12.4.9. Apple Watch models have got watchOS 7.1, HomePod and tvOS get software version 14.2, and macOS gets Catalina 10.15.7 supplemental update. There are a lot of improvements and big
At least nine popular YouTube channels were promoting on Thursday debunked accusations about voting fraud in the US presidential race, conspiratorial content that could jeopardise advertising and memberships revenue they get from the video service. Reuters found the channels, ranging from ones with 1,000 followers to more than 6,29,000, endorsing claims that fact-checking units of
Maintain your employer brand in a pandemic Read the VentureBeat Jobs guide to employer branding Download eBook In a sign that investors’ enthusiasm for driverless cars hasn’t waned during the pandemic, today secured a whopping $267 million in fresh funding. The capital infusion brings the Guangzhou- and Fremont, California-based startup’s total raised to over
A cyberespionage campaign aimed at aerospace and defense sectors in order to install data gathering implants on victims’ machines for purposes of surveillance and data exfiltration may have been more sophisticated than previously thought. The attacks, which targeted IP-addresses belonging to internet service providers (ISPs) in Australia, Israel, Russia, and defense contractors based in Russia